Joneca Company, LLC is a sister company of Anaheim Marketing International, which has long been a leader in the world wide distribution of environmental products. Joneca Company, LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of innovative environmental products in the North American market.

Joneca’s sister company, Anaheim Marketing International is a Southern California, USA marketing organization transacting business in over 50 countries. We have overseas offices in China, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

We specialize in residential kitchen and household appliances, particularly food waste disposers, water treatment and hot water dispensers. We also specialize in Food Service Equipment for the hotel and catering industries, with emphasis on waste handling equipment.

Anaheim Marketing International originated in 1985 by its founder, Edward E. Chavez. Anaheim Marketing International's initial mission was to pioneer its USA Series food waste disposers into the international markets. Our first target was the difficult market in Japan where we were able to capture over 80% market share within the first two years. We now market our disposers in over 50 different countries and have subsidiary offices in Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.

President Clinton awarded Anaheim Marketing International the "E-Award" for Export Excellence. A major factor for our successful development lays partly in the policy we instituted from our inception:
To provide training and sales support to our customers as an integral part of our marketing function. We do not sell, collect and forget. We advise, transact, train, support and service.

This complements the products we offer, all of which have been carefully chosen for their quality and usefulness. Combining these essential elements enable us to approach the complex world of international marketing confidently.


Message from the President:                             

We provide our customers with Quality Service, Quality Products, and Quality Marketing Leadership. Our priority is to provide our customers with efficient and prompt service while being attentive to our customer’s individual needs.

Edward E. Chavez

President of Joneca Company, LLC and Anaheim Marketing International

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