42-RH-F550-CH - Chrome 3-Way Faucet
- Steaming hot water - Ambient cold water - Standard hot water
Open Vent  Faucet

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Mixer Hot/Cold & Near-boiling Water
Open Vent Faucet made for Ready Hot® Hot Water Tanks* 

• Insulated Faucet
• Quick Connector Attached
• Safety Lock Loaded On The Hot Water Handle (Press down, then rotate to operate)
• Lever Handle
• Lead Free
• Above Sink Installation System

• 1/4”  Tubing Tagged *“Main Supply In”
• 1/4”  Tubing Tagged *“To Tank Inlet”
• 3/8”  Silicon Hot Water Hose To Faucet
*Customers with any other brand Hot Water Tank should call before purchasing to insure compatablility.

MAXIMUM recommended line pressure for this product is 75 PSI. Pressure above 75 PSI indicates the absence of a properly functioning water pressure regulator at the property. Excessive water pressure poses a risk of property damage to you. Problems due to excessive water pressure are NOT covered by this product’s warranty. BEFORE installation of any Ready Hot® product, confirm that water supply pressure does not exceed 75 PSI. Questions? Contact Joneca Corporation at 888-856-6322.

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